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(Building Employment Strategies Through Networking on Wellness)

BestNow! is a consumer-run agency that offers leadership development, empowerment, job training, internship placement and support for mental health consumers who want to work in the human service field as Peer Specialists.

We recognize the people who have lived experience with Mental Health challenges can offer support and understanding to their peers through their own lived experiences.  BestNow! training is designed to enhance existing skills the mental health consumer possesses due to their personal experience.  Our program believes in the practice of wellness and recovery, and offers hop and encouragement to any consumer who wants to improve their life through this model.

Services we offer include:

  • SET 4 Success Workshops (Supportive Employment Training):

These workshops are open and held in the community for mental health consumers who want to enhance their skills to obtain employment.  SET 4 Success workshops are centered around self-empowerment and supportive  empowerment.  Topics include resume writing, interview techniques, benefits, time management, criminal record dismissal, introduction to Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), and more.

  • Graduate Support Team

Provides graduates of the program the opportunity to stay connected with BestNow! and classmates.  The team offers ongoing support with updating resumes, job postings, community activities and program involvement.

  • Peer Specialist Training (7 week training and internship)

The Peer Specialist Training is specifically designed for consumers who are interested in working in the mental health or human service field as Peer Specialists.  The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects focusing on self-empowerment, self-determination, peer support and vocational development.

After completing the 7-week training, students must complete a 6-month internship at a Community Based Organization or within the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care System.  While completing internships students are required to attend a BestNow! seminar class once a week for further support and additional training.  After the internship, some may transition into permanent positions, but jobs are not guaranteed after internships.


8105 Edgewater Drive                                     Suite 100 (South Wing)      
                       Oakland, CA 94621

BestNow Edgewater google image

bestnow @

Phone:                          Fax:                             (510) 969-5450             (510) 969-7038            

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