Berkeley Drop-In Center

Berkeley Drop-In Center

A multipurpose community center run by and for current and former mental health clients and people undergoing significant emotional distress.  The Center is a safe, informal place for community members to meet and socialize, share peer and group support, take part in recreational and social activities, and get assistance in obtaining basic survival and other life needs.  A primary objective of the Center is finding permanent housing and maintaining that housing for our members.

The Berkeley Drop-In Center is based on the self-help model.  All staff members are people with lived experience with mental health issues and most have been homeless.  All programs and policy decisions are made through membership meetings, special focus meetings, and the Board of Directors, 70 percent of whom are mental health clients.

Berkeley Drop-In Center has three main components:

Housing Advocacy:

  • Provide assistance to members in obtaining permanent housing through referrals and information.
  • Continue to support members once they are housed to ensure housing is maintained

Service Advocacy:

  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining Social Security Insurance (SSI), General Assistance (GA), and other financial benefits
  • Job counseling and assistance
  • Peer counseling and group discussions
  • Information and referrals
  • Advocacy and Rights Protection
  • Assistance with money management
  • Payee representative services
  • Medical referrals
  • Substance abuse counseling and groups
  • Certified anger management classes

Drop-In Services:

  • Mail and voice message services
  • Free clothing
  • Breakfast and snacks
  • Planned social events such as movies, parties and sports outings
  • Food vouchers
  • Transportation assistance
  • Support groups
  • A safe, supportive place to socialize, watch TV, and get a cup of coffee


3234 Adeline Street
(between Fairview and Harmon)
Berkeley, CA 94703

Reach Out

berkeleydropincenter @

Phone: (510) 653-3808

Fax: (510) 653-2031

Business Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00 - 4:00
Friday 9:00 - 2:00

  • Program Manager Emmitt at the Berkeley Drop In Center
  • Rose and Christina in the housing office
  • Outside Berkeley Drop In Center
  • Christina outside BDIC
  • Berkeley Drop In Center
  • Rose and Christina in BDIC housing office

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